How to Keep Plants Alive in Room

How to Keep Plants Alive in Room

Houseplants are an excellent way of adding a bit of personality and coziness to a space,. With neutral-colored walls, tile or wood floors, and often one window per room, a houseplant is just what a room needs to feel homier. And just because a house isn't big on square footage, it doesn’t mean you can’t still add plants in—you'll just have to look to wall hooks and plant hangers to help make the space.

Find Plants That Can Tolerate a Variety of Light

The best thing you can do is choose plants that will survive in both bright, indirect light, and lower light situations. Go-to plants on my list of recommendations would be sansevieria, pothos, monstera, ZZ plants, and philodendron, to name a few. These are all plants that can do well in both low light and bright, indirect light which means they should survive if your window faces south and gets a ton of light or faces north and gets limited light. They may grow a lot slower, but they’ll still survive in that environment. 

Consider Artificial Lighting

If the light is a concern, there are plenty of artificial light options that can be added to allow the plants to get that extra bit of light they may need to allow them to thrive in your room. Grow lights can be a really inexpensive way of giving some extra light to your plants. You can find ones that go on on a timer and set that timer to be on. That way, your plants will get extra light if your room only has one window or the window doesn't let in enough light.